VoIP Phone Service

If you want access to advanced communication systems and telephony features like those available to Fortune 500 companies but without the high costs or equipment needed to make it happen, then VoIP phone services is the solution your organization needs.

Aside from enjoying enterprise-grade telephony solutions at an affordable price, a VoIP phone system gives small and medium-size businesses the latest available features to increase employee productivity and company profits. We trust your telecommuters and travel-weary staff will thank you for it -- because connecting just got so much easier!

Decus Technology Services offers customized VoIP solutions so you and your staff can make and receive calls using your existing IP phones or after upgrading to a new Cisco or Polycom VoIP phone system. The future of communications is in the cloud and VoIP technology is making this happen.

Decus Technology Services’s VoIP solutions gives your business:

  • Lower costs – significantly cut your telecommunication costs and phone bills
  • User-friendly features – a simple interface makes it easy for staff to use
  • Reliability – ditch the phone company as we’ll be there to provide support
  • Flexibility – you can take calls on your office phone or laptop or have them forwarded to your mobile phone
  • Video capabilities – video conferencing and video calls make it easy to see what’s happening