Technology Vendor Management

Do you feel like you’re spending too much time dealing with various IT vendors? If so, Decus Technology Services can help. Our technology vendor management service will reduce the number of IT vendors you deal with, provide you with improved product offerings, and save you money in the process. Above all, our technology vendor management service will connect you with the quality vendors you need to make your business succeed.

Decus Technology Services is proficient at managing client technology-related vendors such as third party software application developers and their technical support, Internet (ISP) and telephony vendors, and major hardware suppliers such as Dell and Cisco. We are experienced at completing projects with vendors from start to finish including ISP cut overs, VOIP phone system purchasing and installation, and industry specific software application (e.g. Medisoft, ImproMed, and Dentrix, among others) launches and version upgrades.

The depth of our relationships with industry vendors allows Decus to offer superior pricing on the hardware and software products our clients must purchase and use in their business operations.

Decus Technology Services’ Technology Vendor Management gives you the ability to:

  • Consolidate vendors and reduce the amount of time spent working with them
  • Eliminate ongoing problems with inferior suppliers
  • Work with top vendors and demand higher standards
  • Implement next generation technology at better prices
  • Save money and build improved supplier relationships