Network Security

How would you feel if one day you went to your office and found out that your entire company’s network had been hacked, without knowing why or how it was done?

A security breach can result in the loss of sensitive and confidential information - customers’ financial and credit card information, order history, client lists, legal documents, account numbers, trade secrets, email exchanges, and so on. A business that is compromised in this manner may become the subject of devastating lawsuits and even face closure.

New hacking techniques and threats evolve rapidly and there are simply too many risks for you to take security lightly. This is why Decus Technology Services has a comprehensive system dedicated solely to network security.

A custom-designed Network Security plan from Decus Technology Services will include:

  • Usage approval - to specify network activities that are allowed and prohibited
  • Email protection - to minimize problems from emails and attachments
  • Antivirus software - to deter network threats like viruses, worms and Trojan horses
  • Identity recognition - to help safeguard the network from unauthorized users
  • Password policy - to help your employees select strong passwords
  • Encryption technology - to protect network data

Schedule a free network security consultation today so we can help your business meet its regulatory compliance requirements and protect your network's integrity with a strong security policy.