Hosted Applications

Like other cloud-based hosting services, Hosted Applications offer a low cost alternative to keeping resource intensive, high maintenance servers at your office while still having easy access to your desktop applications and information from anywhere and at any time.

We support a number of hosted Microsoft products, including Exchange (email), SQL Server (database), Microsoft Dynamics (CRM / ERP), and SharePoint services. We also offer Microsoft Office 365 sales, migrations, and management.

Many small and mid-sized businesses quickly realize the benefits of using hosted services instead of maintaining in house servers for their applications. Hosted services allows your end users access to secure, supported software from a remote data center that is available 24/7.

Some of the benefits of Decus Technology Services Hosted Applications services offer are:

  • Have less hardware to maintain
  • Free up more space in your office
  • Enjoy considerable reduction in your utility costs
  • Enjoy significant reductions in overhead costs
  • Gain professional support when you need it