Cloud Services

Technology advances at a rate that is difficult for the average business to fully understand and also realize in their daily operations. But thanks to the experience and expertise of Decus Technology Services, being aware of these changes is possible and companies can avail themselves of suitable technologies to keep their business sustainable, productive and competitive.

One example of a technology that is proving to be popular among startups as well as small and mid-sized businesses is cloud computing. Its low monthly flat-fee service features scalability of resources, easy data accessibility and storage, and minimal physical infrastructure needed at client locations. Cloud workstations and servers are an always available, hardware independent solution for working anywhere with an Internet connection.

With Decus Technology Services, embracing our cloud services solution will allow you to give your business an edge over the competition and help you forge a name for your brand in its industry and in the global economy - from anywhere in the world.

Decus Technology Services’ Cloud Services are:

  • Scalable - it can accommodate your needs as you grow
  • Customizable - solutions are customized to suit your business requirements
  • Mobile - important files and applications can be accessed anywhere and anytime
  • Data security - all of your company's data is safe at the cloud services data center
  • Money-saving - with a pay-as-you-go pricing structure, you can take advantage of all the cloud has to offer