Backup & Disaster Recovery

Any business owner knows that major data loss due to unanticipated disasters or disruptions can be a huge blow to their operation. Not only does recovering information take time, some of your data may be lost forever. And while most businesses using outdated and unreliable data protection services or tape drives remain vulnerable to these potential dangers, you can prevent such a scenario by implementing a proven backup and disaster recovery solution.

Decus Technology Services will help protect your valuable information and lower your risk of data loss with our next generation backup and disaster recovery services. Our fully managed solutions also include system image backups for your computers and servers, both locally and to the cloud.

The benefits of using Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) solutions from Decus Technology Services include:

  • Improved data protection - backing up to offsite mirrored data centers ensures that your data will always be protected and recoverable.
  • Low total cost of ownership (TCO) - there are no capital expenses required and the flat fee for monthly use keeps your TCO low
  • Ease of use - our BDR solutions use web-based management interfaces which require minimal ongoing maintenance
  • Fast implementation - deployment and initial backup can take place in less than an hour
  • Leverage existing IT - our BDR solutions can coexist with your legacy storage devices, applications and operating systems
  • Agility and scalability - our solutions are cloud-based, hence you can increase or decrease your storage capacity as needed