24/7 Help Desk

When your computer network has a serious disruption caused by an unknown virus or system failure, how long do you and your employees have to wait before the problem is resolved and operations are back to normal?

Employing in-house IT staff making a best effort to resolve the issue can help - however, you can’t expect them to be present 365 days a year and on call 24-hours a day.

This is why almost every large company has a 24x7 IT Help Desk. At Decus Technology Services, our U.S. based 24/7 Help Desk is staffed by Level 1 and Level 2 technicians who are immediately available to assist your staff. The Help Desk technicians are experts in operating system, application, and computer peripheral issues such as printers which are common points of failure for end users.

Decus Technology Services’ Help Desk Support gives you:

  • On Call 24/7 IT Support Hotline - we provide guaranteed response times, no questions asked.
  • Web-based Tracking Tools - a suite of tools that show issue status from initial call to final resolution.
  • Remote Diagnosis - In addition to providing verbal instructions, we can also monitor what’s actually happening on the user’s screen and can even take control of the machine if needed.
  • The Right Resources to Match Your Problem - Rather than rely on one or two people, you always get the right number of people with the right skills.
  • English, Not Geek-Speak: Professionals that speak your language.
  • User-Friendly IT Support: User-friendly support from people who actually want you to call them (even for “minor” issues) -- so we make sure our IT support plans are “business-friendly” too!
  • An Organized Process: Everything is documented so you don’t have to repeat yourself, and we can track patterns that may indicate deeper issues.
  • Anything but a Band-Aid: Our methods have been refined over many years and countless calls — so we solve critical problems faster and our solutions stick.